Compromisu pide a la ciudadanía salir a la cai pa defender la cultura y llingua asturiana.

Daniel Fernández says quensin social sofitu esistente the Asturian, the PSOE and esaniciáu lu policy would laxenda.

Daniel Fernández, voceru of Compromisu by Asturies, made a llamamientu citizens pa out to cai pa defend culture and Asturian language , and participate na demonstration called pola Xunta Pola Defense of the Asturian Language that will have Llug esti vienres nUviéu and na exit North Station at 19:30 them .

Dende Compromisu by Asturies highlight “the importance of the xente room to cai to claim the so llingua and so culture, especially before a gobiernu dun Javier Fernandez, na so obsessed with winning points against Madrid, siempres prefier allabar what Vien de Fora at the same, nuna Amuesa so característicu cosmopaletismo of tola socialist stage “.

Pa Compromisu by Asturies “the only way to know the mundu ye know who ye unu, where Vien and onde lives and only ignorance of the proper fainos take cultural models and llingüísticos ayenos to Nuesa tradition, which safigura nun dinferioridá complexu bearing dicir politicians to defend the interests d’Asturies ye nuesos populismu, and abide by what they say dende Madrid ensin gorgutar by institutional llealtá, such that said Javier Fernández nel últimu Alderique dOrientación policy as one Asturies onde cueye tol mundiu tien that Asturies be a self current identity “.

Compromisu by Asturies bet again for ” participating nel block soberanista asturianu, pamosar of the unit as possible lapueste to defend oficialidá of asturianu comol preséu necesariu, anque non abondu, pa guarantee llingua dune survival in severe peligru of desapaición as diz the mesma UNESCO or EU

Signing Daniel Fernandez said that “the ensin sofitu social esistente the Asturian, the PSOE and lu have esaniciáu laxenda of policy, so it is vital sofitando be the call of the Board for the Defense of the Asturian Language”.

Compromisu llama a participar na ellaboración del progama eleutoral de Podemos Asturies y de los conceyos.

Dende Compromisu For Asturies we call on the activism of Compromisu, the Asturian left, and the citizens in general to participate in the development of the electoral program of We can Asturies, attending the months of the seventh session of marzu van trabayar nesa xera . In Compromisu, we believe that it is a moment of work to rebuild the country, to give sovereignty to the Asturian and Asturian, to make a country more socially comfortable, for Asturies to be a political partner of the state, Of the Asturianu seya a drechu and an irreducible reality, to defend our land, our air and our agues. We want a country to live and work, so we need to sharpen a political project that will help us to balance the PPSOE and make the necessary change. During this month, we can make it possible for citizens and social movements to participate in the development of what will be the elective program that will be presented to the delegations. This saturday 7 is going to be a Conceiu Abiertu with the last months of work where they will be making diagnoses of the realidad that we suffer and that will be the pegoyu of the electoral program. This Assembly will descend in Xixón, in the Centru Municipal Integráu Pumarín Xixón Sur (c / Ramón Areces 7) from 10 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. So we call to participate in these CUPs and elecoral programs of the Concepts. In short, to participation, pa facer a political projeutu where xente seya the protagonist.

Compromisu esixe al gobierno de L.lena que cubra les pistes de Vil.layana y Campumanes

The nationalist formation Compromisu per L.lena yesterday briefed the local Government (IX) to return to the project to cover the sporting canvasses of Vil.layana and Campumanes. The municipal minister, Agripino Pérez, ensured that these actions would be undertaken while the latter was being held, and that a bill should be drawn up for this purpose, and that “the municipal accounts should be drawn up in the light of the opinion of the neighbors.”Construction sparsely covered by sport is a neighborhood complaint in both localities. The cover of the Vil.layana field got to be tendered, but the work did not work because the axudicataria company broke. In Campumanes, neighbors and Conceyu aldericaron on the other hand mandatu sobrel meyor allugamientu. The workers were delayed and, according to Perez, the financing “to spend for an end”.

Compromisu conmemoral 25 de mayu reclamando lluchar pola soberanía.

Daniel Fernandez called us to take part actu unit of esquierda sovereignist are 24 Mayu delantre the General Board.

Daniel Fernández, voceru of Compromisu by Asturies called to participate esti sábadu 24 Mayu delantre of the Xunta Xeneral a les 12:30 hores , na commemoration of the 25th May of 1808, when Asturies claimed sovereignty so facing the napoleónicu exércitu.
Pa Compromisu “l to commemorate we do as a unit with otres organizations soberanista esquierda part precisely the idea of llucha pola sovereignty ” since ” pa a feel pueblu Llibre, the so citizenship tien know that tien derechu decide on tolos areas affecting so lu life “.
Dende Compromisu indicate that ” like Quen 1808 the Xunta Xeneral had to respuender to the sue of them Asturian and Asturian, esixendo lenfrentamientu against them napoleóniques tropes, although they reticencies of members mesma Xunta Xeneral, anguaño them Asturian and Asturian have to return sovereignty claim that members of the Xunta Xeneral listen to them nueses sue housing, trabayu, education and social xusticia, regardless of the deaf faigan “.
Daniel Fernandez said that ” Asturies 25 Mayu 1808 algamó most Deda politics as pueblu, and only one Constitution as Lactual, more esmolecida to impose Despana bound to ensure llibertá and democracy, devolviónos to Deda political minority as pueblu “and this commemoration tien it be a pa impulsu recover that lost most Deda policy , ” he concluded.

Carta abierta: Contra la Contrareforma Educativa

Hai A fundamental difference being the Organic Llei of Meyora the warm Education (LOMCE) presented this selmana pol ministru Wert and socesives them lleis promulgaes educatives different poles PP and PSOE governments: cockiness.

Sofitáu comfortable na nuna so absolute majority and socioeconomic situation val pa pior esplicar the disaster, the State Government of the People Partíu presents a reform that ye faithful Reflexu of sos two pegoyos: the conservadorismu and neolliberalismu. This vegada ensin mazcaritos nin concessions.

Conservative band Partíu able to end dune vegada by tail toes uncomfortable pa Citizenship Education, which fai a chisgu to lasignatura of Relixón ufiertando as an alternative a matter of “values” that will be evaluated Tantu na na primary and secondary education. Not later consiguel caltenimientu of educational concerts pa relixosos centers, including nel package which fain one last peñerada alumnáu cabbage xéneru reason so appealing to such a fondamente principiu antidemocráticu like Nenes them and the babies deprendemos of estremada way.

Sicasí midíes them would seem that streams them more rancies and señardoses Stay pequenes to llau that they are dictating them cabeces thinking of neolliberalismu. Asina, na first Páxina of Llei yá Sapela to necesidá educativu dameyorar the level of citizenship pabrir Puertes positions trabayu them highly qualified “representing” a global bet pol crecimientu económicu Mercau nun. ” This e outside the mazcaritos and welcome the new mercantilist conception of education quoxetivos na denseñanza global formation of the person or Equilibriu of them remain absolutely desterraes desigualdaes.

Pela cueta pasegurase esi equilibriu la Llei fálanos de “programar ufiertes educatives adaptaes a les necesidaes”, esto ye, un itinerariu adaptáu pal alumnáu destináu a aportar a los trabayos dalta cualificación, y otru adaptáu pal restu. Desto va encargase, duna parte, la xubida espectacular de tases na Universidá Pública quadelantró Bolonia, y dotra, la ellaboración ditinerarios forzaos escontra una mal atendida y dignificada Formación Profesional.

But nothing too enanthic of meyor quentamar mesmu dendel funcionamientu centers, rescuing the mesmos pa lautonomía give full powers to their directors and when xestionar human and materials that are “encargaos” resources. Les escueles remain Desta convertíes form nesencia in pequenes and medianes empreses that acordies tail so xeográfica situation, tipoloxía the so alumnáu and CAPACITY pa ufiertar more or less prestosos programes, go to encaxar meyor or pior nel great negociu of education.

But the nun thing just horses. Ye so much, and as a carefree CHULA the Act provides that lalumnáu yesa undergo evaluations to sneeze part of companies. Companies pay Privas were afraid bread bowls públicos Help us to conduct audits alcalzar the warm pretendida education.

The bailed autonomy of schools in a valid e pa Sicas programming specific conteníos them get 75% of common Marcautsi pa tol Spanish territory. Asin, conceutos teaching basic as lempezar by the knowledge that, and they are close to alumni or conocencia and respetu of diversity and culture itself, are a absolutus segundu planu understood the maximum españolizadora uttering another time with bravado, the Minister Passau month it Congresu. With’re panorama in an e destrañar that resucitel fictitious conflict itineraries billingües nes comunidaes with llingua official faciendo Bandera Drechu the Alumni study castellán in Catalonia, but ignoring the thousands of boys and girls, with speakers equity dasturianu, a must Drechu destudialo the conditions in the so worthy home.

Take off at last the mazcaritos, and resucitaos demons of citizenship first and second, Education warm pa few, discrimination xéneros, the confesionalidá of teaching and ultimately the contrasentíu dameyorar Public School ensin Public School ; we have another nun front quoponenos and dafechamente escontra what already ye the new contrareforma.


Before the desentimación of the demand for inxuries and calumnies to the one person hides Ramón Artime sopelexo what comes darréu:

I was aware of the difficulty of the claim to prosper in the light of the judgments that produce the same circumstances, since it is common ground that the answer to political debate prevails the drechu to political criticism and liberty ‘Opinion on other issues.

In any case, when a person feels slander, if he has the calm conscience to act with respect to the arrival and to a full-blown ethics, as is my case, there is no reason to go to the office to discuss possible injuice Nesi ámbetu. I politely resisted your requests to withdraw the complaint.

L’autu at any moment enters into the source of the question expressed by Ramón Artime, neither so far nor does it dictate any illegal or costitutive act of Dalí delinquency, a synonym that he denounces about what he denounced by me, which is nothing else than, if Such statements are constitutive of crimes of inxuries or calumnies or are not.

Ramon Artime if he considered that in the political sphere, there was a dalgún actu d’enchufismu, and it was the obligation as a denouncement of allegiance to xusticia, dalgo qu’enxamás fexo, which makes it evident that the only thing that sought and was to poison the public imaxen .

As I have already stated in various media, there was not any political participation at all, not by passive activity, but by my own private contracting company, which provided the services of Antromero’s swimming pool, as well as of what he is aware of, since as a vocal delegate he was The Mancominidá, was well aware that the private company that provided its services in the pool had full competence to hire the personnel it considered, whether or not the intervention of the administration or of any political office.

In any case, the demand that interposed this person is a highly positive effect for the society of Carreño, banish this professional politician from the political life of Carreño. Since for years this person lived from the arques publiques, with disastrous results for Carreño, as a well-known citizen of Carreño knew well.

This conceyal was part of that rancid political caste that needed to be removed from the armchair, and that I was the owner of the spatula that took Ramon Artime out of the municipal area.

With respect to my link in We can say in the media, we simply say, that we can have enough strength and moral superiority and ethics to endure and overcome with more sofitu if it fits, the offenses and calumnies that we Come and go venin of the political caste he represents.

Compromisu pol Nalón manifiesta la so esmolición pol futuru del Centru Stephen Hawking

Compromisu pol Nalon , believes that regardless of napurrir lay up delays lequipamientu State Reference we deadlines alcordaos, the retayos Quen tolos areas, especialmentel sanitariu, are making toles implicaes alministraciones na so commissioning, put in seriu futuru peligrul Desti equipamientu, siquier such that taba concebíu.

Fechu is especially llamativul that the commission siguimientu the denfermedaes centru neurolóxiques nuna has delegáu technical sub-committee reviewing quel centru services will ufiertar, after review of their current necesidaes of citizens.

We think that behind Desta “review PUE hides himself claim to give a total cambiu the initial proyectu, based llimitaciones them FINANCIERES of them implicaes alministraciones since nun lóxicu Paez necesidaes them citizenship THEY MAY vary Tantu Desque salcordó create Centru, fai and five year Mediu nin pa realizaos studies determine what services should demprestar as lasos WHATSOEVER, pa that in such a short film tiempu have to reconsideralos.

Therefore, Compromisu manifests so esmolición, Tantu delays poles as possible retayos poles to services ufiertar, and calls citizens to defend Valley start-up, as possible haste, the previstu equipamientu na integridá so.

Compromisu por Uviéu afala a la ciudadanía a sofitar a Radio Sele.

Radio Sele is a radio station with a program of 100 percent n’asturianu. Three years of work, overcoming the disdain and the lack of sensitivity of the Asturian and Uzbek administrations, is a precarious situation in a few precarious situations. That is why, according to Compromisu, we are promoting a campaign among our militants and sympathizers to get contributing partners, and we also encourage the citizens to make a financial contribution by means of a regular and free fee to Radio Sele.

The radio operator of the radio stations will ensure that they cover the six thousand euros of fixed expenses in rent and running expenses. Facelo and so cenciellu how to contact by email with Radio Sele pressing the necessary data and indicate the fee that you want to pay.

#CleptocraciaNON #Compromisuéticu

#CLEPTOCRACY  and the denunciation that we make of  Compromisu by Asturies of a  political system infected by greed and clientelism. The people, and political parties that support and protect them, are gracious to a policy that counts for the service of the social majority, of the people, become more often than not a relentless machine to transfer dogs and resources from the public to Deprivation

Róbennos with clear and full daylight, hold and sure that they have right to it for who they are.

#CLEPTOCRACY is  also the one that robs us of something very important, politics itself. Ye fault DESA  #CLEPTOCRACIA  the constant degradation of perception tien Society’s politics. Those who live in this kleptocratic system are the first who want us not to claim politics as our own, the responsibility of allies and rightwing, because it is the best way for them to continue to make public the private quintana. Poro, they want to disinterested in politics, steal the wallet and cheese nun timporte, and think that politics is their thing and they,

# COMMITMENT  AND our bet. We will not let them get us out of the tableru, because we demand the policy of toes and pa toos. The  #CLEPTOCRACIA  dende combátese the policy itself, amosando them being diferències them and they persones who, like the conceyales of Compromisu by Asturies, trabayen of llimpia way, sincere, close and so conceyu arguyosa pol. Because the conceptions are traditional organizational structure dAsturies, the administrative form closest to citizenship and where the politicians are to develop the work more efficiently and, more often than not, making their work compatible with the public service.

We think of an Asturies where politics is not synonymous with suspicion, a synonym of work and three parts. That is why we are arguing and arguing to show our voters, sympathizers and the people who know us, our  #COMPROMISUETICU  with a more equal and equal society.

Compromisu por Xixón pide explicaciones a PSOE e IU por el nuevo varapalo judicial al PGOU

Daniel Fernández asks the Forum to learn about the nefarious management of its predecessors and change course

Daniel Fernández, a spokesman for Compromisu for Xixón , said that the new judicial gavel of the High Court of Justice of Asturias (TSJA) to the General Urban Plan of Xixón, approved by PSOE and IU, is no longer tremendously serious. In full
election campaign to the municipal elections.

For Compromisu for Xixón , it is “clear that a PGOU was illegal, which was approved based on a ruling contrary to the Plan that was in force at that time, because it was appealed to the Supreme Court, but both PSOE and IU knew they were going to lose This resource, as it happened
later, which is already a reason to annul the current PGOU, “but they emphasize that” it was not necessary nor to reach that point, due to the innumerable irregularities that were made to be able to process it and approve it with premeditation and nocturnity, As highlighted by the TSJA ruling.

From Compromisu by Xixón they consider that “those responsible for their approval, PSOE and IU, owe a lot of explanations to the citizens, because all these varapalos and legal insecurities suppose that the urbanism of Xixón takes in a limbo for a very long time, which will end up supposing
a Tremendous cost to concrete citizens and to the city in general, that we will pay all, not the councilors of PSOE and IU who voted the PGOU knowing that it was a true irresponsibility from a political and legal point of view. ”

Daniel Fernández took the opportunity to warn the Forum and “learn from the nefarious management in urban planning of its predecessors, PSOE and IU, and start a process totally zero, as we have been insistently called for, to develop a PGOU adjusted to law and have With the participation of the citizens “and no” continue to make patches and dark maneuvers, such as the processing of technical assistance for the review of the current PGOU in the middle of summer and no time to submit a proposal, to end this nonsense in which Has turned the urbanism of Xixón “concluded the municipal spokesman.