Before the desentimación of the demand for inxuries and calumnies to the one person hides Ramón Artime sopelexo what comes darréu:

I was aware of the difficulty of the claim to prosper in the light of the judgments that produce the same circumstances, since it is common ground that the answer to political debate prevails the drechu to political criticism and liberty ‘Opinion on other issues.

In any case, when a person feels slander, if he has the calm conscience to act with respect to the arrival and to a full-blown ethics, as is my case, there is no reason to go to the office to discuss possible injuice Nesi ámbetu. I politely resisted your requests to withdraw the complaint.

L’autu at any moment enters into the source of the question expressed by Ramón Artime, neither so far nor does it dictate any illegal or costitutive act of Dalí delinquency, a synonym that he denounces about what he denounced by me, which is nothing else than, if Such statements are constitutive of crimes of inxuries or calumnies or are not.

Ramon Artime if he considered that in the political sphere, there was a dalgún actu d’enchufismu, and it was the obligation as a denouncement of allegiance to xusticia, dalgo qu’enxamás fexo, which makes it evident that the only thing that sought and was to poison the public imaxen .

As I have already stated in various media, there was not any political participation at all, not by passive activity, but by my own private contracting company, which provided the services of Antromero’s swimming pool, as well as of what he is aware of, since as a vocal delegate he was The Mancominidá, was well aware that the private company that provided its services in the pool had full competence to hire the personnel it considered, whether or not the intervention of the administration or of any political office.

In any case, the demand that interposed this person is a highly positive effect for the society of Carreño, banish this professional politician from the political life of Carreño. Since for years this person lived from the arques publiques, with disastrous results for Carreño, as a well-known citizen of Carreño knew well.

This conceyal was part of that rancid political caste that needed to be removed from the armchair, and that I was the owner of the spatula that took Ramon Artime out of the municipal area.

With respect to my link in We can say in the media, we simply say, that we can have enough strength and moral superiority and ethics to endure and overcome with more sofitu if it fits, the offenses and calumnies that we Come and go venin of the political caste he represents.