Carta abierta: Contra la Contrareforma Educativa

Hai A fundamental difference being the Organic Llei of Meyora the warm Education (LOMCE) presented this selmana pol ministru Wert and socesives them lleis promulgaes educatives different poles PP and PSOE governments: cockiness.

Sofitáu comfortable na nuna so absolute majority and socioeconomic situation val pa pior esplicar the disaster, the State Government of the People Partíu presents a reform that ye faithful Reflexu of sos two pegoyos: the conservadorismu and neolliberalismu. This vegada ensin mazcaritos nin concessions.

Conservative band Partíu able to end dune vegada by tail toes uncomfortable pa Citizenship Education, which fai a chisgu to lasignatura of Relixón ufiertando as an alternative a matter of “values” that will be evaluated Tantu na na primary and secondary education. Not later consiguel caltenimientu of educational concerts pa relixosos centers, including nel package which fain one last peñerada alumnáu cabbage xéneru reason so appealing to such a fondamente principiu antidemocráticu like Nenes them and the babies deprendemos of estremada way.

Sicasí midíes them would seem that streams them more rancies and señardoses Stay pequenes to llau that they are dictating them cabeces thinking of neolliberalismu. Asina, na first Páxina of Llei yá Sapela to necesidá educativu dameyorar the level of citizenship pabrir Puertes positions trabayu them highly qualified “representing” a global bet pol crecimientu económicu Mercau nun. ” This e outside the mazcaritos and welcome the new mercantilist conception of education quoxetivos na denseñanza global formation of the person or Equilibriu of them remain absolutely desterraes desigualdaes.

Pela cueta pasegurase esi equilibriu la Llei fálanos de “programar ufiertes educatives adaptaes a les necesidaes”, esto ye, un itinerariu adaptáu pal alumnáu destináu a aportar a los trabayos dalta cualificación, y otru adaptáu pal restu. Desto va encargase, duna parte, la xubida espectacular de tases na Universidá Pública quadelantró Bolonia, y dotra, la ellaboración ditinerarios forzaos escontra una mal atendida y dignificada Formación Profesional.

But nothing too enanthic of meyor quentamar mesmu dendel funcionamientu centers, rescuing the mesmos pa lautonomía give full powers to their directors and when xestionar human and materials that are “encargaos” resources. Les escueles remain Desta convertíes form nesencia in pequenes and medianes empreses that acordies tail so xeográfica situation, tipoloxía the so alumnáu and CAPACITY pa ufiertar more or less prestosos programes, go to encaxar meyor or pior nel great negociu of education.

But the nun thing just horses. Ye so much, and as a carefree CHULA the Act provides that lalumnáu yesa undergo evaluations to sneeze part of companies. Companies pay Privas were afraid bread bowls públicos Help us to conduct audits alcalzar the warm pretendida education.

The bailed autonomy of schools in a valid e pa Sicas programming specific conteníos them get 75% of common Marcautsi pa tol Spanish territory. Asin, conceutos teaching basic as lempezar by the knowledge that, and they are close to alumni or conocencia and respetu of diversity and culture itself, are a absolutus segundu planu understood the maximum españolizadora uttering another time with bravado, the Minister Passau month it Congresu. With’re panorama in an e destrañar that resucitel fictitious conflict itineraries billingües nes comunidaes with llingua official faciendo Bandera Drechu the Alumni study castellán in Catalonia, but ignoring the thousands of boys and girls, with speakers equity dasturianu, a must Drechu destudialo the conditions in the so worthy home.

Take off at last the mazcaritos, and resucitaos demons of citizenship first and second, Education warm pa few, discrimination xéneros, the confesionalidá of teaching and ultimately the contrasentíu dameyorar Public School ensin Public School ; we have another nun front quoponenos and dafechamente escontra what already ye the new contrareforma.