#CleptocraciaNON #Compromisuéticu

#CLEPTOCRACY  and the denunciation that we make of  Compromisu by Asturies of a  political system infected by greed and clientelism. The people, and political parties that support and protect them, are gracious to a policy that counts for the service of the social majority, of the people, become more often than not a relentless machine to transfer dogs and resources from the public to Deprivation

Róbennos with clear and full daylight, hold and sure that they have right to it for who they are.

#CLEPTOCRACY is  also the one that robs us of something very important, politics itself. Ye fault DESA  #CLEPTOCRACIA  the constant degradation of perception tien Society’s politics. Those who live in this kleptocratic system are the first who want us not to claim politics as our own, the responsibility of allies and rightwing, because it is the best way for them to continue to make public the private quintana. Poro, they want to disinterested in politics, steal the wallet and cheese nun timporte, and think that politics is their thing and they,

# COMMITMENT  AND our bet. We will not let them get us out of the tableru, because we demand the policy of toes and pa toos. The  #CLEPTOCRACIA  dende combátese the policy itself, amosando them being diferències them and they persones who, like the conceyales of Compromisu by Asturies, trabayen of llimpia way, sincere, close and so conceyu arguyosa pol. Because the conceptions are traditional organizational structure dAsturies, the administrative form closest to citizenship and where the politicians are to develop the work more efficiently and, more often than not, making their work compatible with the public service.

We think of an Asturies where politics is not synonymous with suspicion, a synonym of work and three parts. That is why we are arguing and arguing to show our voters, sympathizers and the people who know us, our  #COMPROMISUETICU  with a more equal and equal society.