Compromisu conmemoral 25 de mayu reclamando lluchar pola soberanía.

Daniel Fernandez called us to take part actu unit of esquierda sovereignist are 24 Mayu delantre the General Board.

Daniel Fernández, voceru of Compromisu by Asturies called to participate esti sábadu 24 Mayu delantre of the Xunta Xeneral a les 12:30 hores , na commemoration of the 25th May of 1808, when Asturies claimed sovereignty so facing the napoleónicu exércitu.
Pa Compromisu “l to commemorate we do as a unit with otres organizations soberanista esquierda part precisely the idea of llucha pola sovereignty ” since ” pa a feel pueblu Llibre, the so citizenship tien know that tien derechu decide on tolos areas affecting so lu life “.
Dende Compromisu indicate that ” like Quen 1808 the Xunta Xeneral had to respuender to the sue of them Asturian and Asturian, esixendo lenfrentamientu against them napoleóniques tropes, although they reticencies of members mesma Xunta Xeneral, anguaño them Asturian and Asturian have to return sovereignty claim that members of the Xunta Xeneral listen to them nueses sue housing, trabayu, education and social xusticia, regardless of the deaf faigan “.
Daniel Fernandez said that ” Asturies 25 Mayu 1808 algamó most Deda politics as pueblu, and only one Constitution as Lactual, more esmolecida to impose Despana bound to ensure llibertá and democracy, devolviónos to Deda political minority as pueblu “and this commemoration tien it be a pa impulsu recover that lost most Deda policy , ” he concluded.