Compromisu esixe al gobierno de L.lena que cubra les pistes de Vil.layana y Campumanes

The nationalist formation Compromisu per L.lena yesterday briefed the local Government (IX) to return to the project to cover the sporting canvasses of Vil.layana and Campumanes. The municipal minister, Agripino Pérez, ensured that these actions would be undertaken while the latter was being held, and that a bill should be drawn up for this purpose, and that “the municipal accounts should be drawn up in the light of the opinion of the neighbors.”Construction sparsely covered by sport is a neighborhood complaint in both localities. The cover of the Vil.layana field got to be tendered, but the work did not work because the axudicataria company broke. In Campumanes, neighbors and Conceyu aldericaron on the other hand mandatu sobrel meyor allugamientu. The workers were delayed and, according to Perez, the financing “to spend for an end”.