Compromisu llama a participar na ellaboración del progama eleutoral de Podemos Asturies y de los conceyos.

Dende Compromisu For Asturies we call on the activism of Compromisu, the Asturian left, and the citizens in general to participate in the development of the electoral program of We can Asturies, attending the months of the seventh session of marzu van trabayar nesa xera . In Compromisu, we believe that it is a moment of work to rebuild the country, to give sovereignty to the Asturian and Asturian, to make a country more socially comfortable, for Asturies to be a political partner of the state, Of the Asturianu seya a drechu and an irreducible reality, to defend our land, our air and our agues. We want a country to live and work, so we need to sharpen a political project that will help us to balance the PPSOE and make the necessary change. During this month, we can make it possible for citizens and social movements to participate in the development of what will be the elective program that will be presented to the delegations. This saturday 7 is going to be a Conceiu Abiertu with the last months of work where they will be making diagnoses of the realidad that we suffer and that will be the pegoyu of the electoral program. This Assembly will descend in Xixón, in the Centru Municipal Integráu Pumarín Xixón Sur (c / Ramón Areces 7) from 10 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. So we call to participate in these CUPs and elecoral programs of the Concepts. In short, to participation, pa facer a political projeutu where xente seya the protagonist.