Compromisu pide a la ciudadanía salir a la cai pa defender la cultura y llingua asturiana.

Daniel Fernández says quensin social sofitu esistente the Asturian, the PSOE and esaniciáu lu policy would laxenda.

Daniel Fernández, voceru of Compromisu by Asturies, made a llamamientu citizens pa out to cai pa defend culture and Asturian language , and participate na demonstration called pola Xunta Pola Defense of the Asturian Language that will have Llug esti vienres nUviéu and na exit North Station at 19:30 them .

Dende Compromisu by Asturies highlight “the importance of the xente room to cai to claim the so llingua and so culture, especially before a gobiernu dun Javier Fernandez, na so obsessed with winning points against Madrid, siempres prefier allabar what Vien de Fora at the same, nuna Amuesa so característicu cosmopaletismo of tola socialist stage “.

Pa Compromisu by Asturies “the only way to know the mundu ye know who ye unu, where Vien and onde lives and only ignorance of the proper fainos take cultural models and llingüísticos ayenos to Nuesa tradition, which safigura nun dinferioridá complexu bearing dicir politicians to defend the interests d’Asturies ye nuesos populismu, and abide by what they say dende Madrid ensin gorgutar by institutional llealtá, such that said Javier Fernández nel últimu Alderique dOrientación policy as one Asturies onde cueye tol mundiu tien that Asturies be a self current identity “.

Compromisu by Asturies bet again for ” participating nel block soberanista asturianu, pamosar of the unit as possible lapueste to defend oficialidá of asturianu comol preséu necesariu, anque non abondu, pa guarantee llingua dune survival in severe peligru of desapaición as diz the mesma UNESCO or EU

Signing Daniel Fernandez said that “the ensin sofitu social esistente the Asturian, the PSOE and lu have esaniciáu laxenda of policy, so it is vital sofitando be the call of the Board for the Defense of the Asturian Language”.