Compromisu pol Nalón manifiesta la so esmolición pol futuru del Centru Stephen Hawking

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Fechu is especially llamativul that the commission siguimientu the denfermedaes centru neurolóxiques nuna has delegáu technical sub-committee reviewing quel centru services will ufiertar, after review of their current necesidaes of citizens.

We think that behind Desta “review PUE hides himself claim to give a total cambiu the initial proyectu, based llimitaciones them FINANCIERES of them implicaes alministraciones since nun lóxicu Paez necesidaes them citizenship THEY MAY vary Tantu Desque salcordó create Centru, fai and five year Mediu nin pa realizaos studies determine what services should demprestar as lasos WHATSOEVER, pa that in such a short film tiempu have to reconsideralos.

Therefore, Compromisu manifests so esmolición, Tantu delays poles as possible retayos poles to services ufiertar, and calls citizens to defend Valley start-up, as possible haste, the previstu equipamientu na integridá so.