Compromisu por Asturies reafirma’l so sofitu a Somos Asturies.

Cola proclamation of Daniel Ripa as candidatu of Somos Asturies to the general secretariat of Podemos Asturies Compromisu wants to reaffirm the sophistication of the organization to the Proyeutu Somos and to the candidatu.

As we affirm notres occasions, Somos Asturies is a proyeutu qu’apuesta horizontal, polite protagonismu of circles, xente and social movements and ye l’unicu proyeutu organized in We can work clearly for a conjoint and global vision d ‘Asturies beyond the localisms.

This relationship of influence and political influence of a resolution taken by the organization in the last Conception Abiertu goes almost two months and determines in this direction the political action of Compromisu by Asturies and its members. The competent organs and offices of Compromisu reaffirm this position in a unanimous teaching method.