COMPROMISU POR ASTURIES SOFITAL 25-M A LES CANDIDATURES DE PODEMOS A LA XUNTA XENERAL. Tamién a les candidatures avalaes por Podemos, pa la so candidatura en L.lena y pa les candidatures dunidá popular de Ribeseya y Noreña

After the electoral campaign of the elections to the General Xunta and to the Asturian Councils, Compromisu for Asturies, remember to bet on the process that represents Podemos nAsturies and the compromise of the constitution in our country, Militants in the circles and, in those cases, when they belong to the United States and the United States, they join the national councils and the electoral candidates.

Nesti momentu We can Asturies is the most affluent tool that we aim to promote the recovery of the rights of the social majority and to build a dignified Asturies worthy of a worthy country that is feasible as a country and that the principles of equality and social rights are respected And labor, where there are no discrimination of xenero, sexual status, cultures or linguistics and it is possible to live and build a futuru. Poro, we affirm that only in the day we set ourselves by We can and poles candidatures to the Xuntaal Xunta and pa the candidatures dunidá popular avalaes by Podemos Asturies we conceyos.

We also remember that Compromisu presents its own candidature in L.lena, Compromisu by L.lena, persoing that the presence of Concepts of Compromisu will continue to ensure a more xustu, sustainable and asturianu concepyu.

Compromisu by Asturies dal only supported a project like Pueblu in Ribeseya, which shows that living people with distinct political trajectories can join a program and a popular candidate dunidá that could give the surprise in these elections with a proposal from the base.

Equally Compromisu by Asturies bet in Noreña for the candidacy of Conceyu Abiertu by Noreña, composed by xente queue that the militancy of Compromisu vien coinciding in narrow spaces and queue that we agree in well of organizational and programmatic approaches.