Compromisu por Carreño algama un alcuerdu presupuestariu col Gobiernu local

Compromisu by Carreño algama a budgetary budget of Carreño, fourteen points of action in social, employment, environmental, cultural and identity coverage.

Compromisu by Carreño has a contracting party and voters: to fulfill what it promises to the traviés of the electoral program and to develop the most possible of the points. Whoever thought that in a corporation with 17 councils, eight political groups, and one compromise of Compromisu by Carreno, let us say that it was a force without political transcendence, it was wrong.
Our organization has clarul so compromisu with Carreño, colos values ​​of the left, environmentalists and identitarios. We are not satisfied with this, we are in the policy of Carreño pa tresformar and pa to condition the government of our land,

L’alcuerdu presupuestariu consists of: 14 programmatic points, the development of the points, and the follow-up of the same, signed in a document of seven pages, ente’l conceyal of Compromisu by Carreño and the deputy mayor and spokesman of the socialist group.

In Carreño there is an alternative threeformadora and committed glue to earth and the sos citizens and citizens.