Compromisu por Uviéu afala a la ciudadanía a sofitar a Radio Sele.

Radio Sele is a radio station with a program of 100 percent n’asturianu. Three years of work, overcoming the disdain and the lack of sensitivity of the Asturian and Uzbek administrations, is a precarious situation in a few precarious situations. That is why, according to Compromisu, we are promoting a campaign among our militants and sympathizers to get contributing partners, and we also encourage the citizens to make a financial contribution by means of a regular and free fee to Radio Sele.

The radio operator of the radio stations will ensure that they cover the six thousand euros of fixed expenses in rent and running expenses. Facelo and so cenciellu how to contact by email with Radio Sele pressing the necessary data and indicate the fee that you want to pay.