Compromisu por Xixón pide explicaciones a PSOE e IU por el nuevo varapalo judicial al PGOU

Daniel Fernández asks the Forum to learn about the nefarious management of its predecessors and change course

Daniel Fernández, a spokesman for Compromisu for Xixón , said that the new judicial gavel of the High Court of Justice of Asturias (TSJA) to the General Urban Plan of Xixón, approved by PSOE and IU, is no longer tremendously serious. In full
election campaign to the municipal elections.

For Compromisu for Xixón , it is “clear that a PGOU was illegal, which was approved based on a ruling contrary to the Plan that was in force at that time, because it was appealed to the Supreme Court, but both PSOE and IU knew they were going to lose This resource, as it happened
later, which is already a reason to annul the current PGOU, “but they emphasize that” it was not necessary nor to reach that point, due to the innumerable irregularities that were made to be able to process it and approve it with premeditation and nocturnity, As highlighted by the TSJA ruling.

From Compromisu by Xixón they consider that “those responsible for their approval, PSOE and IU, owe a lot of explanations to the citizens, because all these varapalos and legal insecurities suppose that the urbanism of Xixón takes in a limbo for a very long time, which will end up supposing
a Tremendous cost to concrete citizens and to the city in general, that we will pay all, not the councilors of PSOE and IU who voted the PGOU knowing that it was a true irresponsibility from a political and legal point of view. ”

Daniel Fernández took the opportunity to warn the Forum and “learn from the nefarious management in urban planning of its predecessors, PSOE and IU, and start a process totally zero, as we have been insistently called for, to develop a PGOU adjusted to law and have With the participation of the citizens “and no” continue to make patches and dark maneuvers, such as the processing of technical assistance for the review of the current PGOU in the middle of summer and no time to submit a proposal, to end this nonsense in which Has turned the urbanism of Xixón “concluded the municipal spokesman.